Recent Publications

Wolfgang Kempf (2022):
Die Tonbandsammlung Koch aus Kiribati – Entstehungszusammenhänge, Wirkmächte und Repräsentationen.
In: Baessler Archiv 68: 133–159. DOI: (External Link).

Elfriede Hermann and Wolfgang Kempf (2021):
Climate Change Songs and Emotions: Articulating Agency in the Central Pacific
GISCA Occasional Paper Series, No. 32. Göttingen: Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology. DOI: (External Link).

Elodie Fache, Hannah Fair and Wolfgang Kempf (eds) (2020):
Higher Powers: Negotiating Climate Change, Religion and Future in Oceania.
Special Issue of Anthropological Forum 30 (3).

Elfriede Hermann and Wolfgang Kempf (2019):
Adaptation and the Question of Migration: Directions in Dealing with Climate Change in Kiribati.
In: Carola Klöck and Michael Fink (eds.): Dealing with Climate Change on Small Islands: Towards Effective and Sustainable Adaptation? Göttingen: University Press, pp. 293–312. DOI: (External Link).

Wolfgang Kempf (2019):
Tsunami Warnings. Cultural Conceptualizations of Climate Change Impacts in Kiribati. In: Journal de la Société des Océanistes 149 (2), pp. 309–320. DOI: (External Link).